Some of the local events in our area and details of future runs and trips

Remember our meetings at the Crown Inn, Sarre are on the First Friday of each month everyone is welcome

Anyone fancy a trip to Belgium for the Buttercup Rally

Sunday 21st May 2017
Signing on is from 1.00pm until 2.00pm
Easily do able on a daytrip from Dover to Calais
Approxiamately 60 miles in length the rally takes you through some very nice roads.
For example if we took the 8.25 am ferry we would be up into Alveringhem with about an hour to spare to look around all the other vehicles.

Bookings can be made direct or by us on your behalf.
If you book direct please let us know that you are attending

If you are interested in coming to this event, then please let us know.
We are planning on doing the daytrip via Dover/Calais again this year.
Just ask us for more details.
Meeting for tractors, trucks, army vehicles, motorbikes, classiccars & Amercan cars.
Village in 50's style, vintage market and spare-parts.
4 different road trips for tractors, trucks, motorcycles and cars.
On stage: 5 rockabilly-bands.
11 awards
Breakfast and lunch available.
It starts at 7 am and ends around 6 pm.

The programme of events is available from us  in English or Dutch, please contact us for a PDF of the days agenda.
To enter the rally please contact us and we will provide the entry form